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Samsung BioLogics 300 Songdo Bio Way (Daero), Yeonsu-gu, Incheon 21987, Republic of Korea


Consent to collect and use personal information

I agree to enable your company to use the personal information collected from myself or other appropriate routes.

  • Items of personal information to be collected, the purpose of collection and information usage, and period of possessing and using collected information
    • Collection Item
      • 1) Compulsory : Email Address, Country, Name, Company, Job Title
      • 2) Optional : Phone, Areas of Interest
    • Purpose of collection and usage : return of results
    • Period of retention and usage : Once the purpose of use and personal information collection are attained, we take no hesitation in discarding the concerned data.

※ Yet, when certain data is required to be preserved by other laws, it is secured for such period that the law demands.

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