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Plant Introduction

Songdo Plant #1

picture of Song-do Plant #1

In May 2011, we broke ground to construct Samsung’s first Biopharma plant. Plant #1 was the first step in transforming Samsung into a full-pledged leading Biopharma manufacturer. It was our ambition to become a full service provider of quality-driven contract process development and cGMP manufacturing. We persevered and overcame various challenges through 25 months of construction and validation of our facility. This pilot project became the focal point of Samsung Group’s talents and experience, where we leveraged our semiconductor design and manufacturing knowledge, EPC project management expertise, and construction capabilities.

Key Specifications
Key Specifications items include Ground Breaking, Mechanical Completion, Facility Qualification, cGMP Ready, Production Capacity, Culture Type, Fill & Finish, Laboratories, Warehouse, and so on.
Ground Breaking May 2011
Mechanical Completion June 2012 (13 Months)
Facility Qualification 12 Months
cGMP Ready June 2013
Production Capacity 30,000 L (6X5KL)
Culture Type Mammalian
Fill & Finish
  • Liquid/Lyo
  • Vials/PFS(to be considered)
  • QC Laboratory
  • PD Laboratories
  • cGMP warehouse
  • Ambient, 2 - 8°C and -20°C storage and weigh & dispensing area
  • -70℃ freezer

PM Interview

Plant #1 Project Team image

"There is a saying, ‘He who has the most fun wins.’ Our team members really had fun all the way through. Even small issues were discussed together, and as a team we matured to overcome those issues, finally achieving our goal of being a high performance team."

Plant #1 Project Team
  • QSamsung BioLogics started construction of the plants with hopes that they would become the "future of Samsung". What were the key elements to the successful establishment of this project?
    AnswerThe bio-industry is the newest and most important business of Samsung, and I am in charge of realizing this new project which we believe will enhance the quality of human life. While there were always doubt and tension in starting a new business, Samsung already has great capabilities and infrastructure in constructing facilities in petrochemical, semiconductor, and electronics industries, and this made it possible to complete our first plant.
  • QWhen carrying out the project, it seems apparent that smooth communication with the partners or project managers is important. What know-how did you need to have amazing teamwork?
    AnswerThere is a saying that “He who has the most fun wins.” Even with our total dedication, there were moments when we got tired through the course of this long-term project. To overcome this, we encouraged all team members to contribute ideas and get more engaged in all aspects of the project. Even small issues were discussed together, and as a team we matured to overcome those issues, finally achieving our goal of being a high performance team. I also started a sharing my thoughts via email on how to get the most out of work life with the team from the beginning. This gave me a forum to share our project progress and importance, not just as the project manager but also as a mentor to the team. I believe this was instrumental in building consensus and support for each other.
  • QWhat are some competitive advantages of Plant #1?
    AnswerThe industry average is about 4 to 5 years for the construction of a plant our size and capacity, and we completed our plant in half that time. A special feature we added was a VIP center that demonstrates the overall process of how we transform a tiny cell into a valuable bio-medicine. We intend to use this center to promote Samsung BioLogics’ optimized solutions to our clients and investors.
  • QWhat are the aims and aspirations of Samsung BioLogics, as the core project of the new business development bureau of Samsung?
    AnswerOur goal is to develop Samsung BioLogics into a new core competency similar to Samsung’s current semiconductor operations. It is a newly developing area that binds the skills from semiconductors, chemicals, and engineering as well. The semiconductor business is an area that is meaningful to the entire Korean peninsula, as well as to us. Through semiconductor innovations in PCs, tablets, and smart phones, we have been able to get the global spotlight, spurring change in all aspects of human existence. While semiconductors have redefined our daily routines, I think bio medicines is the one area that will have a significant change on our "quality of life.” We are now getting into the era of a 100-years-life-expectancy. Only with bio medicines, suffering patients will be able to endure and redeem their invaluable lives with health and balance.