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Execution Excellence

Samsung BioLogics' execution excellence is derived from a well designed project execution plan and world-class facilities.
In the growing biopharmaceutical market, our world’s single largest biologics manufacturing campus is in compliance with global regulations provides flexible manufacturing partnerships.

Samsung Expertise

Samsung Expertise

  • The culture of innovation
  • Production Cost Minimization
  • Environment friendly operation
  • Manufacturing platform technology to meet changing customers' needs
  • World-class manufacturing & clean room technology
  • Plant design and construction capabilities

Customer value : Expedited construction time ensures our customers to

  • Decisively capture the business opportunity by responding to market demand
  • Reduce CAPEX and secure a higher investment return
  • Bring flexibility to business portfolio and emplaces agility in business management

EPCV Expertise

Concurrent Process for Validation

  • Conventional plant design, construction and validation need 4 to 5 years
  • Samsung is capable of completing the entire process in approximately 2.5 years
replay Concurrent Process for Validation Samsung BioLogics = Plant Design Optimization + Construction Process Innovation, Concurrent Process for Validation Amimation

EPC-V expertise

  • Enables concurrent processing and maximization of plant operation
  • Combined technologies and experience of multiple industries of semiconductor, building and construction, engineering and chemical business
  • Parallel execution of design, procurement, construction, and facility validation activities

Technologies & capabilities in plant design

  • Capabilities and know-how in 3D modeling and pipe welding which reduces construction and design errors
  • Thoughtful plant design and expertise with piping are critical to a successful construction of a sophisticated biopharma manufacturing plant
  • Construction know-how in building construction and sophisticated facilities including semiconductors
  • Industry leading team of engineering experts and excellence in construction time-line management
Expedited lead time leading to
Samsung BioLogics
Faster response to market demand
Reduction in construction costs
Shorter lead time to production
Flexibility in accommodationg development and production timeline requirements
Shorter products time to market and capture larger market share

Quality Management with Quality Embedded Facility

Quality Management with Quality Embedded Facility

  • The world’s single largest biologics manufacturing campus in compliance with global regulations
  • Advanced strategies to minimize change-over and shut-down disruptions
  • Stable / quality supply of utilities
  • Maximum operational efficiency and maintenance model, made possible by quality & project-driven facility design
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Centralized Monitoring and Control of Utilities

  • 24/7 Continuous facility & operations monitoring with dedicated response system
  • Systematic quality response approach to manage operational risks

Quality Control Laboratory

  • Developed to deliver high standard quality solutions meeting international regulatory requirements
  • Comprehensive biologics testing laboratory for multi-plant operations