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Meet Our People

  • James Park | CBO / Global Business Development

    James Park

    CBO / Global Business Development

    "My role at Samsung BioLogics is to lead the Global Business Development Planning Team. Our work place is a 'Powerful' place where colleagues collaborate in the pursuit of innovation, manufacturing excellence and commitment to Quality to become a CMO leader."

  • Brian Greven | Team Leader / CMP Team

    Brian Greven

    Team Leader / CMP Team

    "I will take my part in enabling Samsung BioLogics to be the World CMO Champion by 2020 through striving for excellence starting from my work. My goal is for the clinical manufacturing operations at Samsung BioLogics to have the highest of quality standards."

  • Kenneth Gourdine | Senior Specialist / Quality Assurance

    Kenneth Gourdine

    Senior Specialist / Quality Assurance

    "I work as a product release manager in the Quality Assurance group. The best part of my job is that I can partner with my colleagues to develop simple, yet innovative quality systems. Our quality systems deliver client value and ensure that safe and effective products are available to improve patients' lives."

  • Brad Allan Larson | Principal Specialist / Project Management

    Brad Allan Larson

    Principal Specialist / Project Management

    "As a leader on the Project Management team, I am truly honored to be able to apply my experience, knowledge and energy everyday to our Samsung Vision: to help bring better life and lifesaving products to patients all over the world."

  • Tracy Tucker | Senior Specialist / Compliance

    Tracy Tucker

    Senior Specialist / Compliance

    "My role as an Internal Process Auditor allows me to drive continuous improvement and regulatory compliance at all levels of the business. Samsung and I share the same values of excellence and integrity, which are key to the success of the company and the quality of our products."

  • 김대위 | Engineer / Cell culture

    Daewee Kim

    Engineer / Cell culture

    "Working in the Cell Culture group on the EVM team, my aim is to be an expert in biomedicine. We incubate animal cells and produce biomedicines that are metabolic products of those animal cells. I believe Samsung BioLogics is the optimal place to achieve my goals."

  • Dennis Agabao | Lead Engineer / Cell Culture

    Dennis Agabao

    Lead Engineer / Cell Culture

    "We produce biologics for high profile pharmaceutical companies that are approved by the FDA, EMA, and PMDA regulatory agencies. I am honored to lead a new generation of bioprocess engineers making quality medicine and also to foster our young talents into future leaders at Samsung BioLogics."

  • 신선아 | Engineer / Purification

    Sunah Shin

    Engineer / Purification

    "Samsung BioLogics regards all staff as ‘professionals’ and gives equal opportunity to all employees. From the moment employees get down to work, they enjoy our employee-friendly infrastructure and are respected as professionals with great potential in their field."

  • 안참슬 | Senior Engineer /  Automation Part

    Chamseul Ahn

    Senior Engineer / Automation Part

    "Samsung BioLogics made huge achievements in a short time and is still growing. We, the executives and the staff, strive to produce medical supplies for our customers' health and ongoing happiness."

  • Bo Wang | Lead Engineer / Aseptic Filling

    Bo Wang

    Lead Engineer / Aseptic Filling

    "My goal is to be a part of Samsung BioLogics’ success! Be a part of pharmaceutical benchmarking for tech transfer and facility startup! Be a part of Samsung BioLogics’ role in creating new achievements in pharmaceutical industrial history!"

  • 이승선 | Lead Scientist / MSAT

    Seung Sun Lee

    Lead Scientist / MSAT

    "Samsung BioLogics is making amazing progress in becoming a major global presence in this industry. Being able to contribute to not only Samsung’s future, but also the advancement of global healthcare makes me happy."

  • 장윤정 | Senior Specialist / Quality Assurance

    Yoonjeong Jang

    Senior Specialist / Quality Assurance

    "As a member of the Quality Division, I always feel pride and responsibility when it comes to my work. Working everyday with such awesome colleagues at Samsung BioLogics is an honor and joy for me! I am happy to be here and grateful to be able to contribute to such a great company."

  • 김희정 | Lead Engineer / Cell Culture

    Heejeong Kim

    Lead Engineer / Cell Culture

    "Our passion and diligence to collaborate and achieve ‘Perfect Execution’ in everything we do are Samsung BioLogics’ greatest competitive advantage. We are proud that every step we take forward is another footprint in the history of the global pharmaceutical industry."

  • 박세강 | Team Leader / Manufacturing Technical Operation

    Segang Park

    Team Leader / Manufacturing Technical Operation

    "Samsung BioLogics will become a unique company infused with global regulatory standards, unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Through transparency, creativity, and focus, the construction of Plant #3 is poised to create new value for our clients."

  • 배형우 | Lead Engineer / Utility Operation

    Hyungwoo Bae

    Lead Engineer / Utility Operation

    "Samsung BioLogics has a very young and open-minded work culture. I think that Samsung BioLogics is the best place to start your career. You can have a wide variety of experiences from facility engineering, operations, validation, to manufacturing."

  • 이우연 | Lead Specialist / Finance

    Wooyeon Lee

    Lead Specialist / Finance

    "It’s very interesting to see what Samsung BioLogics has achieved within such a short period of time. Also, I’m sure that we will have even greater success in the future, and I’m excited about contributing to our growth together with my talented and skilled colleagues."