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SHE Management

Achieving World Class Safety and Health

Samsung BioLogics seeks to realize the harmonious coexistence of individuals, companies, and the environment, and to become the World SHE (Safety, Health, and Environment) Champion through strict Safety, Health, and Environmental management and practices.


Samsung BioLogics has adopted policies to realize a ‘Safe Workplace’ through integrated safety management with ‘Safety System Operation’, and ‘Safety Culture Settlement’ as keywords.

  • We are pursuing to prevent accidents by operating Safety Management System that enables the discovery of risk factors in advance, operation of a monitoring center, and a system to cope with emergencies using precision diagnosis.
  • We are sharing safety knowledge to our employees through Total Safety Education Day (Safety Day) and fortifying the safety competencies of individuals through the continuous development of educational content and external specialized educational support.
  • We are pursuing the establishment of safety culture at the workplace through activities aimed at establishing voluntary safety consensuses, such as safety communication prior to the commencement of work, and a voluntary safety participation system.
Work site with zero incidents Diagram - Description information is as below. Work site with zero incidents Diagram - Description information is as below.

Preventing Accidents

  • Risk Evaluation
  • Potential Risk
  • JSA
  • TBM

Safety System

Safety First

  • Safety Day
  • Safety Awards
  • Safety Mileage
  • Safety Suggestion

Safety Culture

Zero incidents


Samsung BioLogics is executing a wide range of activities with the goals of establishing a pleasant workplace and healthy employees.
We are continuously pursuing the establishment of the best Health Environment by monitoring the health of our employees, and efforts to improve the work environment.

  • Individual health management system : We continuously seek to prevent and follow-up on general and occupational diseases through regular health check-ups and consultations. We also ensure that prompt response and emergency treatment are available by operating our in-house health enhancement center and clinic.
  • Work environment management system : We are aiming to eliminate harmful factors preventing a pleasant work environment by analyzing and monitoring detrimental factors within the work environment on a regular basis.
Healthy employees + pleasant work environment Diagram - Description information is as below. Healthy employees + pleasant work environment Diagram - Description information is as below.

Health Management

  • Health Check-up/Consultation
  • Corporate Medical Center
  • Fitness Center

Work Environment Management

  • Work Environment Assessment
  • Chemical Risk Assessment
  • Chemical Accident Impact Evaluation on Off-site
Healthy employees + Pleasant work environment


Samsung BioLogics is pursuing to minimize the environmental impact of our business activities by both managing the emission of environmentally harmful factors and energy consumption under the vision of Green Management.

  • We operate a green workplace to minimize environmental contamination. To proactively prevent harmful emissions, we adopted waste water treatment system, air emission management, and waste management system.
  • We practice Kyoto Protocol and address Emissions Trading Scheme by tracking and managing greenhouse gas emission from our facilities.
Green Management Diagram - Description information is as below. Green Management Diagram - Description information is as below.

Pollutants Discharge Management

  • Wastewater Treatment System
  • Air Emission Management
  • Waste Management

Eco-friendly Green Workplace

GHG Mitigation Management(Greenhouse gas)

  • Energy Savings Management
  • Emissions Trading Scheme(ETS)

Kyoto Protocol

Low-Carbon Green Management
*Samsung BioLogics was designated as an Environment-Friendly Green Workplace on May 2015 through the aforementioned Green Management operation (by Yeonsu-gu, Incheon) and was selected as an outstanding company in environmental management in Incheon on December, 2015 (by the Incheon Metropolitan government).