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Corporate Social Responsibility

Samsung BioLogics practices the management of sharing with
the local community through the voluntary participation of
employees. We achieve this by pursuing healthy growth
and social contributions as a global corporation.

  • Supporting medical costs for
    underprivileged social classes
  • Caring for
    the local community
  • Scholarship and cultivation
    of competent employees
  • Supporting medical costs for underprivileged social classes

    Samsung BioLogics has been implementing a project to support medical expenses of underprivileged neighbors in local communities suffering from diseases since 2013 to lessen their economic and mental burden, and has been expanding the project through an agreement with four institutions in Incheon City since 2015.

    Project for the supporting of medical costs for alienated social classes image
  • Love for the local community

    Samsung BioLogics has been building a close relationship with the local community by installing convenience facilities for bicycles and bus stations within Songdo. We have also participated in setting up a social safety network, by installing detectors for senior citizens suffering from Alzheimer’s to prevent them from wandering. ‘Socializing Voluntary Club’ continues to actively participate in community service led by the company’s voluntary employees.

    Practicing of love for the local community image
  • Scholarship and Mentoring Program for Students in Need

    Samsung BioLogics has been supporting students, who are in financial difficulties, through the Incheon Talented Student Cultivation Foundation to nurture their dreams and help them develop as global leaders since 2014. Starting from 2016, Samsung BioLogics has been offering Bio Dream Plus Scholarship to students in need to introduce biopharmaceutical industry and provide career counseling.

    Provision of scholarships for the cultivation of globally competent personnel image